We Get Your Body Back In The Correct Motion

This is NOT reflexology

At Techni-Calm Reflex we have a Certified Reflex Correction Specialist whom is also the inventor of the Therapeutic Foot Correction therapy. Our Reflex Correction Specialist has established this special therapeutic center to help people deal with physical pain by strengthening and correcting their Reflex Points. This innovative new treatment ensures a stronger body, easier movements, less pain and lower chances of injuries issues.

Our specialty and focus is on your Reflex System. We examine reflexes and analyze the condition of reflex points. The customized therapeutic treatments we offer are based on the initial examination and are designed to correct and balance your Reflex System.

The results of our treatments are fast and evident. Once the Reflex Point system is corrected the body responds very positively to the therapeutic action. Our clients can feel the change immediately after the first sessions and sometimes even during the examination. (Click the video link to watch Patrick’s improvement from only one exam.)

There are cases in which you may need to be prepared before your actual therapy, so that the results will show only after the completion of the therapy sessions. We also work with before- and-after surgery patients to help them recover in the shortest possible time, getting them back to their normal daily life.

Techni-Calm Reflex Center is the only facility in the world that provides these unique services and we are renowned for our unsurpassed proved abilities to relieve body pain.

Our additional specializations include sport injuries for professional athletes and physically active people, prevention of repetitive surgical procedures and more. We also offer Reflex treatments to insurance companies, saving them millions of compensation money.

Techni-Calm Reflex Center vows to continue its beneficial activities, constantly improving its therapeutic treatments and services. Contact us today to make a consultation appointment and start your personal treatment. You will be amazed by the fast results!

Please note at  Techni-Calm Reflex,  Therapeutic Foot Correction is a not a  substitute for a medical issues nor medical treatments  but it is a unique alternative to reducing stress, pain and improving the body's functioning abilities to a optimum performance.