Unique Stress Relief / Injury  Relief  Programs For Employees:


Your devoted employees work very hard trying to complete their tasks. They're working at least 8 hours a day, whether standing, sitting, walking or driving. They're concentrating on their assignments, dealing with physical or mental efforts and stress.


Sometimes it's for financial purposes, and sometimes to fulfill professional ambitions. Sometimes it's the fear to get fired and sometimes it's personal integrity and responsibility.


But it doesn't even matter! The bottom line is that a stressed employee is less effective, less efficient and less motivated. If you care about your employees, this is your best opportunity to take action.


Reduce Stress to Increase Productivity


A stress-free working environment generates higher motivation, increased productivity and stronger loyalty. Relieved employees make fewer mistakes, take less days-off and are less inclined to change their workplace.


Techni-Calm Reflex is your best opportunity to reach a stress-free working environment. This is the solution you've been looking for to increase the effectiveness and productivity of your team.


Techni-Calm's stress free and injury prevention program benefits companies and organizations all over the country. We're not providing amateurish services like chair massages or similar short-term relief gimmicks. Our professional therapeutics goes beyond relaxing muscles, working on the employee's reflex system.


Techni-Calm Reflex Program Components:

- Identification and determination of stress causes

- Employee performance analysis

- Monthly monitoring of staff performance

- Goals setting

- Managers/supervisors' guiding

- Providing before-after reports

- Reduce employee complaints

- Unique stress relief therapy



Injury prevention and treatment


Techni-Calm's work closely with companies, businesses and organizations to prevent, reduce and treat injuries. Our services are imperative to maintain a physically adequate team and to prevent costs associated with employee accidents, falls and injury recovery.


Join our employee prevention membership to save lots of $$$$!


Program Benefits:

- Get your employee back to work in a short time

- Early detection of employee injury risks

- Prevention of chronic harm from employee accidents

- Pre-hiring checks to detect reflex weakness

- Strengthening employees' physical condition

- Lower your team's compensation costs

- Prevent injury rehabilitation therapy

- Full employee Reflex System reports

- Prevention of false claims


Lower injury risks and improve your team's performance and productivity with Techi-Calm's Reflex-Program!


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         Benefits :
  • Reduce employee work injury expense by 95%.

  • Consult with us and allow us to utilize our services to bring balance to your company.

  • Distress business owners, managers, long term.

  • Reduce workman compensation cost 95%.

  • It has been proven,that when your
    mind is calm, you will make better
    decisions for your life.

  • Sign up for business membership plan.

  • Return resolved injured employees to work faster.

  • Happy employees are very productive.

  • Support your managers/supervisors
    with our unique Time Release
    Therapy and improve the way
    they lead their team.

  • Beneficial to high risk accident company.

  • Cut medical injury expenses 95%.

  • Increase business revenue with a productive staff.

  • Happy employees produces a happy company.

  • Improve business operation .


Please note that our Techni-Calm Reflex System is a not a  substitute for a medical treatment  but it is a unique alternative to easily reducing stress, pain, injury, surrounding your work performance.