Therapeutic Foot Correction   (Injury & Body Pain Therapy)

This foot correction therapy has been developed mainly for body pain and injury-related conditions and as well as  for disorders and some disease-related conditions. Unfortunately, most people do not realize that a slight hit or a repetitive fall can result in a simple injury that can aggravate and lead to disease. In these cases, our Reflex Correction Specialist can be of great help!

Most individuals do not pay much attention to slight injuries like hitting an arm or bumping the head accidentally. Damage doesn’t always occur instantly, so the wound is quickly forgotten. But the truth of the matter is that strong memory does reside in your Reflex Point System, generally during a manual examination of the Reflex Points.


 Our trained Reflex Correction Specialists can  restore strength  into the Reflex Point System through the Therapeutic Foot Correction.


Therapeutic Foot Correction therapy can successfully  treat body imbalances and injury issues. One single session equals 26 physical therapy sessions. Therapeutic Foot Correction gets athletes back into the game in the shortest possible time, keeping sports careers alive. Moreover, it can improve the athletes’ performance as much as 98%, requiring less hardcore training for a game or competition. Therapeutic Foot Correction allows athletes to tumble without negative consequences during their sports activities.


Hiring a Reflex Correction Specialist for your professional team is a smart investment to assist with upgrading your physical body to enhance  your winning team!


Therapeutic Foot Correction can also help disabled seniors who will benefit from higher independence with lower use of supportive devices. Seniors will be delighted to feel good at any age with a stronger and more vital body that moves more easily.


Therapeutic Foot Correction helps businesses reduce employees’ compensation costs by utilizing our injury prevention program. The program will increase strength, reduce injuries, and get employees back to work in no time. 

If you’re hearing a story of someone experiencing a tragic accident but remain unharmed, you should know that you’re witnessing an individual with a reliable, healthy and robust Reflex Point System.


Call now for a Reflex Point System Evaluation! It is your best opportunity to get your body in shape and move with ease.


Consultation, Analysis, Exam: $187.50
The price includes analysis and exam

Consultation, Exam, Manual Reflex Correction: $395 - $595.
The price includes gait analysis, examining injury/ reason for body pain through the reflex points system, postural analysis, photo analysis, pressure point testing, foot imprint, and goal setting.

The Therapeutic Foot Correction Process

This unique and phenomenal therapy will:
- Correct brain reflex issues

- Correct nerve reflex issues

- Correct your injuries

- Correct your reflex points system

- Clear out body pain

- Correct reflex muscle issues

- Correct fractures

- Re-mediate unsuccessful injury- related surgical procedures  

Instant results are automatic in the human body just by correcting, repairing & balancing using the Reflex Points System on your feet.


The improvement is rapid and comfortable. Therapeutic Foot Correction works whether your problem spans over 20 years or has just recently occurred.

Demonstration Available Upon Request!

Below is a brief list of our Therapeutic Foot Correction Therapies. Keep in mind that one Therapeutic Foot Correction session is equivalent to 26 physical therapy sessions. 

1. Postural Alignment Correction
2. Pain Relief
3. Injury Treatment
4. Sport Injuries
5. Torn Ligaments/ Tendons
6. Spinal Issues
7. Brain reflex issues
8.Nerve reflex challenges
9.Toe Corrections
10. Body movement Issues
11.Hand Therapy

12. Reflex Therapy & T.W.B
This botanical solution involves the release of stress -strain, anxiety, exhaustion, and nervous tension throughout your entire body. The therapy utilizes a herbal water blend to cleanse and detox sticky toxins and stress. Many clients find this treatment to be highly rewarding. Repeated use of T.W.B encourages a more durable and healthier body condition.

13. Aftercare Surgical Procedures
In most cases, physical therapy is the option after surgeries. Therapeutic Foot
Correction therapy is an upgraded alternative to faster recovery after any surgical
procedure. And a significant reduction to repetitive operation for the same body issue 

 14. Occupational Repetitive Injury Movement-
What is this?  It is when you are doing repetitive movements in your occupation, that will eventually lead to  indirect injury that creates body pain, discomfort, and weaken reflexes. If you have been in the same  profession for over five years, You are probably already experiencing pain or discomfort.

Your reflex points need to  strengthen and repair. Using Techni-Calm Reflex, 
Therapeutic Foot Correction therapy. It is crucial
 to receive a yearly exam to
your reflex points in quality condition. If you have been in your profession for a minimum of 4-5 years. It is imperative to start now with a reflex exam and schedule to receive a Therapeutic Foot Correction session to strengthen and repair any weaken reflex points, to maintain your high performance in your occupation. Call us now  303-221-0236


People involved in many demanding occupations are unaware of the great support and treatments we can offer them to release from stress, strain, and physical imbalances. Employees who need to stand or sit for long hours, working with their hands, or who encounter  high- risk physical jobs can now take advantage of our effective and helpful therapy.


Usually our unique therapy attain results in just one session. If your situation is complex or rare, you may have to go through a prep session first. to achieve long term results.


Call now for an initial consultation, exam or demonstration! We’ll get you back on your feet in no time! Call  303-221-0236

Get Same Day Results For The Long Term !

Benefits of the Treatments

One Foot Correction therapy Session Is Equivalent  To 26 Physical Therapy Sessions.

  • Generally, Immediate Results!
  • Brain Issues Balanced
  • Organ Issues Corrected
  • Paralysis Issues Improved
  • Postural Alignment
  • Back Problems Corrected
  • Foot Struggles Balanced
  • Sports Injury Results
  • Improve Body Memory
  • Torn Ligaments/Tendons Issues
  • Repair and Support Fracture Recovery
  • Fast Injury Recovery 
  • Suitable After Surgery
  • Great Podiatry Aftercare
  • Unique/Effective Therapy
  • Instant Strengthening
  • Cost-Effective
  • Resolve Body Pain Issues
  • Great Results !
  • Structural, Muscular Care
  • Nerve, Damage Resolved
  • Strengthen Your Body
  • Request A Low Cost Demo
  • Long Term Results !!!
Please Note: Techni-Calm's Reflex, Therapeutic Foot Correction therapy is not a substitute for medical treatment  but provides a unique alternative to calming  body pain, and challenging health issues, as well as improving the body to  optimum performance.