My Story

Many people have asked me to tell the story of how I discovered Therapeutic Foot Correction therapy. I took several certified reflexology courses because I had received a great foot massage. But it was not until I entered an accredited professional school that I realized that what people called reflexology was something else. And my teachers nor my accredited school did not understand the reality of what reflex points actually could do.

My training involved gait analysis and more in-depth on foot issues and special shoes for foot issues. As I enter the last phase of my class, I began to notice that I could feel these reflex points shape and conditions, some of the reflex points were inflamed, and rigid and blocked up or hardly there. Even weak and frail. 

My instructor was not discussing these conditions, just more about how to massage the reflex point to correct body pain, One of the students was having a back issue and, The student stated that it felt more like a knotted muscle. I located the back reflex point, and it felt like a corkscrew. I found this interesting, and I knew then that I was going to open up a research study to understand more about these reflex points.

Once I entered the clinical stage of the class, and I began seeing patients and documenting using S.O.A.P notes.

My patients began telling me about there injuries and pain and health crises. And every time I checked the reflex point, it would match their issue. I tried to inform my clinical instructor, but she did not understand what I was detecting.

Some of my patients got relief immediately because I  manually adjust the reflex point without massage, and I could correct the issue. but I knew I had to find something the reflex points responded to and In clinical training, I had to stick to the protocol of my instructor teachings

Early on in my studies, we discussed the history and drawings of India doing a reflexology massage. When I looked at the photos, I did not feel that it was a massage but more of an exam of the reflex points and an attempt to understand the reflex point position to release pain and discomfort.

After graduation, I started a research study program, to learn more in-depth information about the reflex points, Instinctively I knew that these reflex points would be the next breakthrough to a more fast pace healing from injuries and body pain quicker and more comfortable.

I had to find something that the reflex points responded to, so I tried various methods, and I was not getting the results I wanted.

I researched the word "reflex" it is an action performed as a response to a stimulus, and without conscious thought, there was also several definitions of reflex. But there was one definition that caught my eyes. A reflex is a reflected source of light.  

So it what if the reflex points respond to electrical current? I began to do various testing on the reflex points using low-grade electrical frequency. And to my amazement, the reflex points not only reacted to the stimulus of electrical current.
But the reflex point immediately corrected its position, and within minutes the body part associated with that reflex points also began to correct itself. I became very intrigued, and I wanted to understand more.

Now I was ready to take on more severe injury issues and body pain challenges. 

An older gentleman came into our facility, and he was in massive pain, he was scheduled for surgery to receive a knee replacement using a titanium ball implant.

He stated he did not have any expectations except for some pain relief until his surgery date arrived.

I manually examined his knee reflex point, and it was weak, concave in shape, and barely present. I moved my fingers around in the center of the reflex knee points; I could feel a grainy texture in the center of the knee reflex point. I understood immediately as to why this gentleman was getting a knee replacement.

His patella reflex point was matching the condition of the knee. I applied a specific electrical frequency to his knee reflex bone point, and I immediately touched the knee reflex point afterward, and it was stable and robust. I noticed within minutes. His patella reflex bone felt complete and whole. 

But it is his physician who will confirm that my technique is effective.

The male participant said his knee felt so much better, and he would move it back and forth because he could not believe he was not in any pain. He stated he would schedule an appointment with his physician to see what he thinks before his surgery.

Note: We encourage all our participants to follow up with their physicians to make sure all is well.

We scheduled a follow-up visit after he had seen his physician, and he walked in smiling and said his doctor informed him he did not need surgery, but his doctor will continue to monitor his knee. We did ask our participant if he had experienced any pain. And he said none at all. He also stated that this experience was the most fantastic thing that has ever happened to him.

We also monitored his knee reflex point for three more weeks, and his knee reflex point was even stronger than the last visit. We required all our participants to contact us if there is a problem or any new updates from their physician if things are getting worse. That story was nine years ago, and the male participant's knee is doing fine.

A female adult participated in our research program, her story was she slipped on ice walking down the sidewalk in Chicago, and she hit directly on her butt, this occurred at the age of 22 yrs old, and we met her at the age of 70. She said she has struggled with pain in her hips, and although she had chiropractic adjustments and physician care, the results were temporary. Upon examining her hip reflex point, the hip reflex point seems to have turned itself into the reverse position. 

I had to use a different electrical current to correct the hip reflex position. Once the reflex hip point was adjusted, Our client was delighted, and her hips felt light and moved more comfortably. Our client decided  that she should not get too excited because she had a fear that her pain would return. We scheduled a few follow- up visits, and We informed her to give us a call if she has any issues and to check in with her chiropractor or physician as well.

Approximately 8 weeks had passed, and we got a call from our female participant with the hip issue. My client left a voicemail, and her voice was in panic mode. She was so upset, she was going down the stairs, and she missed a step and landed on her buttocks again. Our client informed us it was a very hard hit. It took us a few minutes to calm her down, and we eventually got her calm. So I said to her, are you in any pain? The client paused for a minute and started to laugh and said, oh my gosh, I was so upset I did not realize I was not hurting at all. So I examined her hip reflex point, and to my surprise, that reflex point was in the same position that I corrected. Her hip reflex point maintained its stable position during the accident. We had her move around to test her hip reflex point. And she stated it was as if she had not fallen at all. She was thrilled, and years later, she still maintains an excellent 20 reflex point. That is  unique for an elderly aging person to maintain such strength. Because generally, an older adult pebody is in a more regressive state of being. This story happened  in
the year 2010

We can support our theory that strong reflex points supports the human body
to a more healthier state. We had our female patient follow up with us for
three more weeks. And the report was always the same a much stronger hip
and butt reflex point.

I continued my research study from 2010-2019, and the success of helping people to feel better was and still is very rewarding. And in 2020, we will start our research program for health issues.

What I have I understood from working with the reflex points system is:

When an electrical current of light comes in contact with a damaged or weak
reflex point, the human body will correct itself. It is quite a unique concept.
I had a hunch about reflex points, and I followed it, my life will never be the same.

Reflex points can maintain results for the long term. We are at the ten-year mark, and eleven years will be approaching shortly. My estimated opinion is  that reflex points therapy will hold for at least  20 years or more. And although a reflex massage can be relaxing, there is so much more the reflex points can do. And its beyond the human mind perception. We will soon, begin to move Techni-Calm Reflex Research into  phase two to resolve health issues, through treating and strengthening the reflex points system.

My theory is your body, and the reflexes points are mirroring each other. If you repair the reflex points, your body will automatically follow the improve change.

For example, if you have a disease or disorder, most likely your reflex point also carries a disease or disorder,

Clear these issues out of your reflex points using electrical therapy. And your body will release the condition as well as the chaos inside your reflex points.

If you have an area in your body that is incorrectly working, it is a strong indication that your reflex point that supports that anatomy part is also not working, restore that  damage reflex point,  Your body will begin to function again.

What did all our research participants say to us: If they did not witness this fantastic therapy with their own eyes they would not believe it, and although they do not understand it completely, it works, and it works very well. 

Call to schedule a reflex exam,  detect early problems, prevent issues,  and repair your reflex weaknesses.

Therapeutic Foot Correction is an excellent therapy; it helps the human body perform at its optimum level,   much different than reflexology.

In my personal opinion, I feel I have discovered what reflex points,
can do, And it is quite mind-blowing.

Call us today for an appointment to have your reflex points analyzed: 

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Please Note: Techni-Calm Reflex,  Therapeutic Foot Correction therapy is a not a  substitute for a medical treatment, but provides a unique alternative to balancing   body pain as well as improving the body to optimum performance.