Reflex Points Massage

The average consumer does not realize the full benefits of a Reflex Points Massage. A gentle foot massage is one benefit of a Reflex Points Massage. 


There is more than one way to receive a Reflex Point Massage. There is the manual reflex points foot massage and the vibrational reflex point foot massage.

We are not your typical reflexology massage. We are more in-depth. Our focus is your reflex points, and we custom blend your massage session to your personal needs.


During your Reflex Points Massage session, you should feel relief in your feet but also in areas of your body where tension is stored. Your Reflex Points Massage is performed on your feet to your knees and therefore provides an overall body relaxation


The manual massage is when the reflex therapist provides a soothing and relaxing massage to the feet reflex points. View the description below.


Soothing Reflex Points Massage
- is designed for the highly stressed individual who needs to be brought back to a calm and balanced place. We will palpate your reflex points to release congested stress. And soothe reflex muscle and nerve tension and pain.  $145.00   (time release therapy). Approx. 60 min.


Vibrational Reflex Points Massage- is designed for the individual who has allowed stress to build-up to the point of exhaustion. We use a vibrational pulsating device to energize your exhausted reflex points. The goal is to reboot and refresh this individual by stimulating the reflex points to support you to become re-energized and return to your life of movement without a struggle from low energy.       $ 165.00   (time release therapy)  Approx 60 min.


There are occasions where the worn-out reflex points have weakened to needing a more substantial therapeutic session of repair. You can repair your reflex points, but a reflex point massage will not solve this issue. A different type of therapy session is necessary. The name of this session is Therapeutic Foot Correction therapy.


We utilize a personalized and customized analytical stress relief software. That can determine where you hold your stress weaknesses before you receive your manual exam. 


Here what you will receive in your session:

*A consultation and establish your goals to balance your
   stress and pain.

* A personalize stress relief software analysis on your
   work/personal life stress.

* An explanation of your software stress analysis report
   (an email report extra fee)

* Pick your session type work stress or personal stress
   or pain relief or other.

* A manual reflex points stress detector exam
* A manual reflex points exam on painful issues.

*A soothing or vibrational reflex points massage.
*A time-release reflex point therapy. (one session maintains
  5-6 days)



Please arrive with clean feet and no lotions or moisturizers on
your feet 
up to your thighs. We also request that you wear
comfortable shorts approximately 5-6 inches above your knees.
Wearing tight clothing will restrict your relaxation experience. 


Your initial session will generally extend longer than the typical session.


Call us so we may assist you and educate you on why you need your reflex points to stay in good standing to support you in maintaining wellness and remain de-stressed with lifes challenges


Read Our Clients Comments:

*I felt the relaxation

throughout my entire body.

*I did not realize how much
stress my feet were
carrying until my reflex
points were manually

* I work in an occupation
where I am on my feet
a lot, and I have had foot
massages before but this
one was very different
and better.

* I fell asleep during my
session. I woke up

* I feel like I have new feet,
once all the tension was

*My back reflex point was
extremely tight and once
it was de-stressed I have
to say I had a good night

* I was really intrigued with
this unique device my
therapist used to
decongest my reflex
points for my headaches.
I really feel good.