Finally, A Therapeutic Treatment That Gets Results!!

Research Program 1: Parkinson's Disease  currently active
Research Program 2: Multiple Sclerosis    currently active

Due to the corona-virus/COVID-19, we will follow a protocol that will ensure your safety. View the Techni-Calm Reflex sanitation process below.

-Every volunteer or participant in Techni-Calm Reflex Research Program, will be required to wear a facial mask as well as the Reflex Correction Specialist.

-Each individual at the front entrance will receive a forehead                 temperature test with a non-contact  thermometer.

- Only one participant will be allowed in the facility at a time.

- If you require an assistant to escort you to the facility to help
  you sit in  our chair, this will be

- Social distancing will be practice as much as possible; we will be         working on your feet/legs.            

-The Reflex Correction Specialist will wear disposable gloves, face       mask, and a protective face guard screen.

- Sanitation will be our highest priority to keep you safe. The               therapeutic chair will get sanitized after each participant's use.
 Door knobs, counter-tops,and the floor area of the therapy 
 session will also get sanitized.

- We require minimal talking during the exam and treatment session.

- We hope we have gained your trust in using a safe protocol to               ensure your safety.

ons of people around the world suffer from Parkinson Disease or Multiple Sclerosis. Although some of the available therapies can produce limited improvements, there are still no perfect solutions. Moreover, people with Parkinson's Disease or Multiple Sclerosis  eventually experience degenerative tissue loss which aggravates their physical condition.


Over the past years Techni-Calm Reflex has managed to create a unique. Therapeutic treatment program that generates evident results. Based on our own proprietary theory for Parkinson's Disease or Multiple Sclerosis, our programs consists one of the best and most helpful solutions.


The Basics of the Parkinson's Disease or Multiple Sclerosis Therapy Program

 It is well known and agreed that physical exercise is quite beneficial in strengthening many challenging issues, but far from enough. To maximize the impact of reflexes, the treatment should be focused on the specific Reflex Points of your body. This unique treatment, known as Therapeutic Foot Correction, requires experience and vast knowledge. When properly applied, it can provide amazing results, improving anyone who is struggling with Parkinson's Disease or Multiple Sclerosis as well any additional types of challenging related problems.


If you or one of your loved has Parkinson's Disease or Multiple Sclerosis issues, contact us now to join Techni-Calm Reflex Research Program. We'd love to demonstrate our unique solution and show you its amazing results. This service is FREE of charge if your Parkinson's Disease or Multiple Sclerosis issues supports our documentary goal.


It doesn't matter whether your Parkinson's Disease or Multiple Sclerosis is new or advanced. Call us now for an appointment to make sure you can be a suitable candidate for our Parkinson's Disease or Multiple Sclerosis Documentary.  303-221-0236


Participants in our documentation sessions must fulfill the following terms and conditions:
Candidates must:
- be 25 years or older

- be willing to share your medical condition

- commit to be a Techni-Calm Reflex Spokesperson 

- be available for media appearances

- be reliable and trustful

- provide medical history and medical limitations

- feel comfortable with the camera and interviews

- be serious about improving your health

- be available every week for your therapeutic session weekly.

 Research Program 1: Parkinson's Disease 

> uncontrollable shaking and tremors
> trouble standing and walking
> stiffness in limbs
> slowed movement ( bradykinesia)
> speech changes
> cognitive changes
> fatigue
> depression & anxiety
>writing changes
> posture change
> etc.

*restore degenerative brain signals reflex points
*correct your body movement reflex point
*strengthen your brain reflex point
* correct your overall body performance
* correct nerve reflex points
* balance out tremors
*correct speech issues through the brain reflex points.

Our goal at Techni-Calm Reflex research program is to provide the
best optimal care to support your back into better health.

People in the early stages of Parkinson's Disease can expect
Techni-Calm Reflex Research Program to be 3 -12 weeks.
Maximum time: 5 months

Individuals that are in the advanced stages of Parkinson's Disease can expect. 
Techni-Calm Reflex Research Program to be 2-5 months.
Maximum time: 6 months

Research Program 2: Multiple Sclerosis

> Fatigue
> Walking Difficulties
> Pain & Itching
> Cognitive Changes
> Vision Problems
> Spasticity
> Numbness or Tingling
> Tremor
> Depression
> Sexual problems 
> etc.

* reverse autoimmune confusion of the myelin sheath through the           reflex points system.
* correct reflex points of the myelin sheath damage.
* calming pain through the reflex points.
* correct brain signals of the reflex points.
* strengthen the nerve reflex points.
* provide more energy.
* improve body movements.
*fast results and much more.

People in the early stages of Multiple Sclerosis can expect 
Techni-Calm Reflex Research Program to be 4 - 8 weeks.
Maximum time: 4 months

Individuals that are in the advanced stages of Multiple Sclerosis can expect. 
Techni-Calm Reflex Research Program to be 3 - 4 months.
Maximum time: 6 months

Contact us now to set up a preliminary interview and sign up for the Techni-Calm Reflex Research Documentary. Call 303-221-0236


If you do not wish to participate in Techni-Calm Reflex Research program for  Parkinson's Disease or Multiple Sclerosis Documentary, but would like to receive our services, you are welcome! Call for an evaluation today.

*Improve Brain Function
*Improve Speech
* Correct Tremors
*Increase Energy
*Improve Your Body Movement
*Improve Your Muscle Function
* Release Body Pain
* Restore the myelin sheath
*Enhance Physical  Function
*Restore Your Nerve Reflex
* Improve Flexibility
* Increase Independence
* Minimal Sessions Required
* Fast Results !!

Please Note: Techni-Calm Reflex, Therapeutic Foot Correction therapy is  not a  substitute for  medical treatment but provides a unique alternative to calming body pain and challenging health issues as well as improving the body to  optimum performance.

n issues.