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It has been known for centuries that stress problems can be effectively treated through the nerve endings that reach our feet. Proper pressure that is applied to the feet generates powerful signals that are sent to the brain, telling the brain to relax the entire body.


Once the body receives the message that has been delivered by the brain and relaxes, we apply certain reflex pressure points to reset the signals and control the body, mind and the emotional self, creating a relaxation mode.


Techni-Calm takes this effective treatment to a whole new level!


Based on our vast experience and knowledge, we are offering our patients our unique and advanced Techni-Calm Time Release Therapeutics! This is an effective and innovative treatment that customizes a special botanical blend for your personal stress situation, helping your body uphold your weak stressors to a long term balance, strength and calmness.


It doesn't matter what is the source of your stress and what brought you to this unfortunate situation. Our exclusive therapy will release your stress for 168 hours or 360 hours depending on the selective treatment, while strengthening your inner balance, peace of mind and inner connection with yourself. Our clients are always amazed by the powerful, long term results. Even the most skeptical clients become devoted believers after just one stress free session.


While your feet soak for a few minutes, your mental, emotional, and physical stress will melt away. Empowering your body's defense against a stressful week, you will be quite intrigue as you watch the daily stressors roll off your back continuously, keeping your mind focused. You'll experience an ongoing feeling of accomplishment throughout the entire week.


Our unique Time Release Method is effective for body aches and tension headaches, which are common symptoms of stress.


Once stress is reduced on a long term basis, you'll feel more healthy and energetic. You'll reach a more balanced personal life and will be better prepared to resolve financial dilemmas. You'll gain the ability to concentrate on the most important things in your life and have more fun.


Most people today are used to stress as an integral part of their lives and are convinced that it's natural and normal. But not anymore! Don't allow stress to tie up your life and hold you back! Break free of your stress and start experiencing the excitement of a stress-free life!


Techni-Calm Reflex has helped many people to abandon their stressful lives and relax. The beneficial Time Release Therapeutics therapy opens new opportunities and can completely change the way you live. Join our satisfied, happy and relieved clients today!



Prices and Terms...

Session Pricing: Time Release Therapy

One Treatment = 168 Hours Stress Free !    Price             Client Special   
New Client Sample Session*  $455
General Session 
$525 $420
Customize Specialty Therapy  $665 and up quote given at consult

One Treatment = 360 Hours Stress Free !     
 Client Special
New Client Sample Session*   $975
General Session   $1125   $900  
Customize Specialty Therapy   $1425 - up quote given at consult

*Membership Discounts Available.
*We Support Hospital Patients
*Individualized Stress Free Package Plan
*Bridal Party Package Plan
Corporate Out Calls:
A Techni-Calm Specialist will come to your place of business Monday Thursday. within a 15 mile radius. Between the hours of 9:00 a.m 2 p.m and provide you and your staff a soothing Techni-Calm Stress Free session. An additional $135.00 is added to the original price. You will also be required to provide a quiet place within the company for a beneficial session. 

Corporate Group Discounts Package Plan Available / Special Events.

Additional Therapeutic Options:

The Corporate Male
For business men who are taxed by workplace stress improve business decisions Management Stress manage employee with ease.  meet deadlines, harmonize your dept, improve management skills.

The Sales Career
Sales people make businesses work and successful, but the continuous
stressful challenges the sales person for take, to make this happen is draining.
We support the sales person stress by restoring, balancing, and energizing all
efforts made to make the sales. During the use of Time Release Therapeutics
you can excel and attain the sales goals you deserve. Sale with eas

Economy Stress  
the economy fluctuates and many people  are affected when the economy under go negative changes. businesses & job loss occurs. this is quite stressful for many. Try this treatment to move through the crisis with ease.

Cold / Flu Stress Relief
Feel better while stress, related to cold symptoms and the associated body aches, is forced away for up to 360 hours or more easy.

Travel Stress
Airplane travel, prevent jet lag, calm travel fears, anxieties, release stress & strain from long distance driving. 

Bride & Groom Stress Relief
calm your nerves while planning your wedding and feel relax the day of your wedding plus 288 hours or 360 hours more, from receiving one therapeutic stress free session. 

The Energizer -
A perfect choice for everyday de-stressing, restoring, energy boosting, and motivating of body   and soul.

De-stress & Digest
release your stress related digestion issues.

Relationship Stress
calm and detach from stressful relationship issues for several days. 

New Mother Stress Relief
becoming a new mother is quite stressful your anxieties are high this specialize treatment will calm you and support you to enjoy the new mother experience. 

  and much more .......

Please Note: Time Release Therapeutics system is a not a medical treatment, but provides a unique  calming effect and stress- free lifestyle for the long term.
Time Release Therapeutic is not a massage. It is a stress- free treatment with lasting results.