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Pain Free !!

I don't fully understand what you did, but it has amazing results. if you can do this for me, then I believe you can do this for others. who are struggling with pain. Therefore, my call to action would be to spread the word. and let others know about you, once again such a positive experience and truly unique with an amazing talent.

Fred Nelson
Colorado Springs

Money Stress   

As a self-employed small business owner, some degree of stress seems to be a constant companion. In this current slow economy, Money matters are at the top of my list of stress causing factors. But, I was never fully aware of just how high my stress levels were until I went through the full stress free treatment process.

Immediately after my first treatment, I could feel the overall calming effects of the first session. Things that gave me stress no longer carried the same weight. I was able to focus better, and put more energy into positive efforts that can improve my business. Money increased and became more consistent.

I can strongly recommend the Time Release Therapeutics treatment, to anyone who needs a relaxing break from the business, and personal stress of everyday life. I feel that my stress free session supported me longer than 2 weeks and I only had one session! You can't get that from a massage.

Steve Fabricus
Self Employed
Aurora, CO

Sports Injury

I was running one day and all of a sudden my knee gave out on me. I was in tremendous amount of pain and my knee was extremely swollen, I could not even take a shower without hurting. I contacted my Reflex Correction Specialist and she suggested a treatment for correcting my knee problem.

My therapist room was so relaxing it was incredible, she started doing her treatment and I physically saw my swelling go down and the pain started to go away, and that was not even half way through the session and I felt the results immediately. 

I anticipated to experience some pain after the session but there was NO MORE PAIN, I went up the stairs with ease and, Wherever I walked I felt no pain. She also gave me a T.W.B. (Therapeutic Water Blend) to flush out the toxins from my knee injury, that worked on me afterwards. 


For several days later. My knee has not even bothered me since my session, all I can think about is how much I saved by going to Darlene and not the doctor and how fast it worked, I would really like to make it clear that I was not even half way through the session when I noticed the pain dissolve and the swelling was gone.


I would highly recommend the Therapeutic Foot Correction therapy to anyone that is in any kind of sports related injury, or if you just like to work out.

 There will always be injuries of some kind with sports related activities.

 I would like for more people to realize what this therapy can do for them, than going through physical therapy for several weeks possibly months. It is ten times faster less expensive for the results, and a great way of saving you time and energy. 

There is no therapy like this one its very unique.

Eliut Lopez
Sale Rep
Aurora, CO

The Cold/Flu

I just recently caught a cold that was one of the worst I have ever had in a long time. This cold started taking me over in one day. I had gone to bed with a runny nose, and I did not think much of it. However, when I woke up next morning I was experiencing a painful cough and my runny nose was not improving. By the time 12 o'clock came around I had to leave work because of the severity of my cold symptoms. 

 I have never had a cold come on so fast and so hard before. That same day I went to see Darlene at Techni-Calm Reflex. I received a Cold/Flu Stress treatment. I am so thankful for Darlene's help. After I had my treatment the cold symptoms seem to vanish quite quickly, faster than I expected. It actually ended up being a very easy recovery. I did not have to worry about taking any cold supplements, nor vitamins constantly, which is what I generally use during a severe cold situation. I was amazed all I did was rest and allow the Cold/Flu treatment to work for me. I felt calm and relaxed the entire time. Usually when I get a cold to this extreme I would be out from work for several weeks. With the Cold/Flu treatment the results are fast, so fast that I was ready to return to work within 2 days. The Cold/Flu treatment began alleviating my symptoms before it had a chance to fully develop, this is unlike any other remedy I have tried. If you are feeling any cold or flu symptoms, I highly recommend this Cold/Flu treatment to get you back on track.

Levi Roderick
Reflex Therapist
Lakewood, Colorado

Difficult Times

My sister told me about using this treatment called Time Release Therapeutics. It is supposed to keeps you calm and gives you energy for a long time, she said one treatment held her for 18 days. I must say I found that hard to believe, but then I began going through extremely difficult times one situation after another. My father passed away, I got a divorce, my financial problems increased, job related problems surface. At this point I needed to do something so I tried it.

Time Release Therapeutics is amazing, I felt better than I can ever remember feeling. I felt as if I was on a cloud, No stress, no anxiety, no worries at all. It was just wonderful, it seems to also affect the people around me, I got very positive reactions from other people, they seem to be polite and happy around me, which is a rarity in my job. I met a new guy and he was constantly saying how comfortable and relaxed he felt around me and we laughed together a lot. I purchased the 360 hoursí Time Release Therapeutics but I could still feel some of the positive effects a few days after the treatment was complete. For me I had one unique treatment that kept me calm for a very long time. I must say this type of feel good experience is quite addicting.

Jessica Mercado
Flight Attendant
Sarasota, Florida

Never Released Stress

I was a very stressful person, I have never used any form of stress relief modality, because I did not like to be touch, I just struggled on a daily basis with stress, high levels of anxiety and body fatigue. My Reflex Correction Specialist had to convince me that this type of stress free system would not be invasive and she assured me that the massages session to my feet would relax me and comfort me. And it did, I was very surprised how comfortable I became with the technique. 

When the technique was applied to my feet I could literary feel the negative mass leave various areas in my body and my mind. I was quite intrigue to observe all the tension leave my body, without her really touching my whole body, just my feet. The stress relief specialist talked with me during the session educating me about how to be conscious of my stress levels before it arrives at the intense levels of fatigue and exhaustion. This was the current state I was at. Afterwards she soaked my feet in what she calls a customize stress relief for my personal stress levels. This was even more interesting to me. I could also feel the remaining heavy burdens of toxic stress exit my body. I was so relaxed I just wanted to just sleep. I have never experienced anything like this in my life. I did more Time Release Therapeutics treatment. And it was quite impressive to see my negative state of worry, fear, and tension continue to be detach from me. My relaxed and calm state of being stayed with me for several weeks I highly recommend this stress free system, it is worth more than you can imagine. It is awesome !!

Santo Matias
Bread Baker
Aurora, Colorado

Anti-Aging Stress

I really didnít think that I had any stress. After completing the Time Release Therapeutics treatment, I found myself feeling a sense of expectancy and contentment and I realized that over the years I had copped by stuffing my emotions and stress and that it had turned into depression. And this stress also had an effect on my physical body making me appear tired and older. So I was pleasantly surprise when I noticed physical changes in my body. My skin was tightening up, wrinkles were softening, and there was a discernible tightening in the neck area. It looked to me as if I had had a face lift, the sagging skin was gone. These treatments are truly amazing The Time Release Therapeutics can clear and release the stress your body has lead for possibility years the results speak for themselves and have made a believer out of me.

Suzanne Davey
Denver, CO

Bereavement Stress

I had heard about this facility that is claiming long term stress relief in one session. I blew it off and I had forgotten about it. but months later My husband passed away. And I was really struggling with the fact that he was gone. I was alone. My anxieties overwhelmed me and I talked about my stress with a close friend, but nothing was working for me. It was just really hard. After my analysis my treatment was shipped out to me, and I was very shocked and amazed. My body aches totally disappeared, my depression vanished, and I began to be more sociable with others. I was actually smiling and laughing during conversation with others. I was still alone but I did not notice because I felt a new surge of life force within me. My rational mind said how could this be happening? There is no way for me to explain the effects of this stress free system. You just feel really good and happy. My Reflex Therapist suggested because of the severity of my stressful condition, I sign up for a few more sessions and I continued to use a few more treatments. I had energy to go work in my garden which is usually my place of joy. I think of my husband and I smile and I don't see the situation as a loss, I see my husband as a unique part of my life that brought me joy and itís time to go create more joy, for myself. I am sending a special heartfelt thanks to Techni-Calm Reflex for giving me a new outlook on my life.

Alice Hall
Crystal River, Florida

High Anxiety

I am a 32-year-old woman who has struggled most of my adult life with massive anxiety disorders and stress. I am writing this testimony because there may be people out there that struggle with extreme anxiety issues and I want you to know there is hope. I constantly had erratic dreams and fears of my child dying, if she caught a cold I would just panic. My child did not have much freedom because of my fears. I encountered sleepless nights constantly. My stress levels were escalating constantly I worried all the time and I battled with negative thoughts about my life. My muscles in my body would get very tight like a hard metal ball. I had more than the average level of stress than most people. I knew when I was told about the long term stress relief system I wanted to try it. Although I felt it would be a challenge for the Reflex Therapist to calm me down. I was amazed and pleased with the results of my stress relief treatment. I was given one 168 hoursí Time Release Therapeutics treatment and I was amazed with how calm my mind was immediately after the stress relief treatment was complete. and I had great energy days after. My mind was calm; my anxieties were reduced. And I stayed relaxed for 24 hours a day, up until 168 hours straight after one therapeutic session, for me this was a MIRACLE. This technique really got my attention I decided to do more sessions I used the 360 hoursí Time Release Therapeutics treatment, and this stress relief actually held me in a calm state for a few weeks. I noticed that I began to allow my daughter freedom, I stop worrying about my daughter dying. I got a promotion in my job and with increased pay, I am allowing myself freedom to have fun, my anxieties has ceased, My muscles in my body have fully relaxed. I feel happy that I have found something to keep me relaxed and worry free. I highly recommend this unique modality to anyone who has stress in any form the value is beyond the price. Kudos to Techni-Calm Reflex.

Shaquana Woods
Aurora, Colorado


I was quite skeptical that this could relieve my tension and stress. My doubts were proven wrong. After one stress relief session, I noticed my stress from weight gain issues, money issues, and shopping were completely gone. I was also happier and my relationships with other people was outgoing and enjoyable. It turned my whole outlook on everything around me that, I dealt with each day for the better. I highly recommend it to anyone who feels like stress is taking over your life. I am stress free and happy

Kay Thomas
Former Model
Denver, Colorado 

Please note that the Techni-Calm Reflex System is a not a medical treatment and it is not intended to remedy medical conditions, but it is helpful in releasing stress surrounding your medical condition and for general stress related issues.