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Below is a brief list of trauma issues this Trauma Relief System.

Repeated Trauma

Health Trauma
Natural Disasters
Physical Violation
Trauma Accidents

Trauma Stress
Spinal Cord injury
War Veterans Trauma

and much more...

Physical Trauma is a very devastating experience, for anyone who encounters it. For several years we have studied trauma cases, and have the opportunity to resolve trauma issues.

At Techni-Calm Reflex we use a unique therapy to assist you in releasing your traumatic experience. our therapy is a gentle method used to gently release your trauma, We apply light pressure on your reflex points on your lower legs and feet. This method allows your personal trauma to release easier and more for the long term.

Trauma is generally stored and trapped in the body's memory cells and when relaxing specific Reflex Points on the body, this process will allow your body to gently let go, and release your stored memory cells of the congested trauma through these points easier, for the long term.

Our trauma program is purposely design to move our clients at a gentler and slower pace it is important to not force speed onto an individual whom has experienced trauma. A gentler release is more effective and our results are natural  and accurate.

We invite you in for a consultation to talk with our Reflex Correction Specialist We want to restore your hope in having a more fulfilling life without the tragedy of physical trauma possessing and controlling your life. Its time to rebuild your life and Therapeutic Foot Correction as well as Time Release Therapy will support you to make this happen. 

Give us a call today mention this webpage and receive $45.00 off  a Trauma Relief  Exam

Consultation Analysis - 75.00   30 minutes
Trauma Relief Reflex Exam - $ 187.50

Other Programs Available:

Burnout - two to four week program        $2625

Anxiety - four to six week program          $1765

Physical Trauma - price may vary depend on the trauma  type.

War Veterans & Military men/women, firemen, police officers  25% OFF  above therapy programs.

Relax Anxieties

Feel Mentally Competent

Clear out Erratic Thought

Dissolve your Fears

Feel Hopeful

Recover With Ease

Clear out Flashbacks

Restore your Life

Release Sadness & Despair

Feel Motivated to Move Forward

Experience long lasting  results !

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Please Note: Techni-Calm Reflex, Trauma Relief System is a not a substitute for  medical treatment  but it is a unique alternative to calming stress, body pain, challenging health issues as well as  improving the body to optimum performance.