Healthier Clients Bring Huge Savings For Insurance Companies

Insurance Companies specialized in insuring employees or athletes pay millions of dollars for surgical procedures and physical therapy, some of which are expensive repetitive treatments. These payments can become so expensive that sometimes insurance companies need to cancel individual health policies.

Techni-Calmís Reflex offers professional analysis and therapy that can revitalize and optimize the performance of peoplesí Reflex Systems. This is actually the long awaited solution for both insurance companies and individuals.

Iíve spent many years researching, studying, examining and testing Reflex Systems. After practicing real life therapy, Iíve decided to put all this knowledge and expertise to work and help insurance companies save millions of dollars.

The concept of our therapy process is that if the Reflex System is free of weaknesses, and congestion, the body responds much better and faster to movement. It can reduce pain much more effectively and the healing is fast and lasts for long time.

We are always excited to see the reactions of people who received this unique kind of therapy. They are tremendously surprised, overwhelmed with tears of joy and many times just speechless.

This is definitely a win-win situation for both insurance companies that save huge money and people who can enjoy a pain free and vital daily life. Insurance companies that work with us can cut their expenses by requiring their clients to receive a Reflex Exam. The exam can prevent future injuries, health challenges and risks by identifying Reflex System weakness.

Techni-Calmís Reflex Research Center Ė

Case Study:

A few years ago the Techni-Calm Reflex Research Center examined a person with serious knee injury and severe pain. At that time the person was scheduled for a knee replacement surgery. Upon examining the personís reflex point that represents the knee, we noticed that it was extremely frail and inflamed. I immediately started therapy sessions to strengthen his knee reflex point.

After just a week of therapy the person returned for a follow up visit. He walked in with a big smile on his face. His knee reflex point was firm to touch and he could bend his knee with ease, with no pain. When he visited his doctorís clinic to get a new medical assessment, the doctor was perplexed by the improvements and informed him that surgery was no longer necessary.

With the right exam and treatment, surgery can sometimes be prevented. Furthermore, when patients do need to have a surgery, our Therapeutic Foot Correction therapy can significantly reduce down time by 98%! Our patients are always surprised by the fast paced recovery after surgery and are extremely satisfied to get back to their normal lives.

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The huge savings for Insurance companies are evident and undisputed. Therapeutic Foot Correction Therapy has no down time or minimal down time and payout expenses are none to very small.

Techni-Calm Reflex center has managed to solve over 98% of the pain and injury issues we have treated. We have also been very successful in treating nerve damage through strengthening the nerve reflex.

If you represent a Health or Sports Insurance Company or an HR Insurance Company, contact us to schedule a demonstration. We will answer any questions you may have about our special treatments. (Agents and Brokers may participate in the demonstration).

The Techni-Calm Reflex Meeting Program for Insurance Companies:

* The importance of a Reflex System exam.

* The importance of Therapeutic Foot Correction therapy.

* How to restore mobility easier

* Why pain-free therapy works.

* How can we save Insurance Companies millions of dollars

* How can reflexes prevent repetitive body pain

* A demonstration on how the reflexes keep the body strong

When you contract with Techni-Calm Reflex we will provide you with a comparison chart to show you how much $$$$$$ you saved.

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Insurance Benefits:

*Save millions by paying out less

*Save millions by requiring your
  clients to receive a preventive
  reflex exam

*Once reflex strengthening therapy
 has been applied, it takes years to
 break down the reflex point.

*The less your clients require
  health treatments the more you

*The reflex system is a unique
  innovative therapy. 

*Once people have their reflex
 point system strengthen, they
 will be less vulnerable to pain
 after accidents and health
 challenges. Your insurance
 company will save $$$$$$!!

*Add Techni-Calm Reflex as
  a specialty plan to your insurance

*Save millions by sending your
  clients to Techni-Calm Reflex

*Workmen's Compensation require 
  clients, to receive Therapeutic Foot 
  Correction treatment to reduce
  their down time by 95% plus.
  Start saving today

*30% OFF on the first client you
  send us! Try us out and see the
  results Stop paying for expensive
health and injury
  treatments that bring
  no evident results! 

*Techni-Calm Reflex has the
  potential to cut insurance
  expenses by more than 95%!

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