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Results With One Therapy Session

We Don't Just Work With Foot Injuries, We Support All Types of Body Injuries Through Your Feet. View Sample Injury List Issues Below.

Achilles Tendonitis
A.C.L Injury
Ankle Fracture
Back Pain
Bulging Disc.
Carpal Tunnel
Car Accidents
Fractured Sternum
Golfer's/Tennis Elbow
Herniated Disc
Paralysis Issues
Quadriceps Sprain
Slipped Disc
Snapping Hip Syndrome
Spinal Cord Injury
Sport Injury
Unsuccessful/Repetitive Surgical Injury Procedures
Weight Loss Results
Weightlifting Injury
and much more.........

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*Sports  Rehabilitation Program.    
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Please note at Techni-Calm Reflex our Therapeutic Foot Correction therapy is a not a  substitute for a medical treatment  but it is a unique alternative to reducing stress, pain, and improving the body's functioning abilities to optimum  performance.