Changing The Weight of Your Personal Image.

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Losing weight is a tough and challenging commitment. It can be a slow frustrating journey, but with the right approach it can be an easy-to-follow motivating and rewarding experience.

Techni-Calm Reflex weight-loss process is based on strengthening the Reflex System, which is the fastest and most efficient way to reach your optimal weight. Designed for both men and women, our highly successful method is easy to follow and even enjoyable.

At Techni-Calm Reflex we have proven time after time that body weight fluctuations that are not based on a strong Reflex System cant gain positive results and may even cause health problems.

Not only a weak Reflex System slows down or completely blocks your weight loss efforts, but it also increases your appetite. Moreover, even if you add exercise to accelerate the weight loss process, the results will still be disappointing and the weak Reflex System will still hold you back.

Techni-Calm Reflex approach to strengthen the Reflex System as the basis for a successful weight-loss program is the key to our ongoing success. Our custom therapy will strengthen your body to work effectively and produce fast measurable results. Whether you have a little weight to lose or a lot, we will show you how to reconnect with your own healing abilities so that you can release weight easily and effortlessly.

Lets get to work now! Let our experts decongest your sensitive or weak Reflex System, optimizing its natural balance. Call us today to get the results you deserve!

Techni-Calm QX Body In Balance RR        

Analysis/Exam: $265.00

The exam includes the testing of your reflex points for weakness, stress, toxicity, congestion or blockages. Once the analysis is complete you will receive a customized plan for strengthening your reflexes and preparing your body for the weight loss program. Includes before photo, measurement, weight results.

Techni-Calm QX Body In Balance RR

This weight loss treatment will balance your Reflex System to support your natural weight loss program and maintain a long term slim figure. Each therapy treatment will continue to progress throughout the  week.

Techni-Calms QX Body In Balance Goals:

* To strengthen your signals for appetite reduction

* To correct your metabolism signals

* To become satisfied with smaller meals

* To stress free weight loss

* To sustain the balanced Reflex System for at least 4-5 years

* To improve your eating habits

* To slim down healthy and correctly

* To improve how you perceive your personal image

* To change your visual reaction to food

* To custom blend treatment plans

10 week program or less    Maintain Results for 4-5 years or more Custom Blend Treatment Plan - extra charge

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Reflex  Lymphatic  Drainage (edema elimination)

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Read Our Clients Comments On Our Unique Weight Loss :

  • Experiencing this treatment is the only way to understand its great benefits.

  • My body feels balanced like never before in my

  • I finally lost interest in sweets this is amazing !

  • I feel like I can breathe and move much more easily.

  • Looking slimmer was surprisingly easy.

  • I was skeptical but I became pleasantly surprised.

  • I can now sleep throughout the night.

  • I have more awareness of the food choices I make.

  • I look good and I feel good, and it was so easy.

  • I can move my body with ease.

  • Best weight loss experience I ever had.

  • I dont think Ill need another one.

  • I can finally let go of my food fixations.

  • Maintaining weight loss is a huge beneficial surprise. I am so happy !!

  • A unique experience and it's worth it !